Become a consultant and work with top-tier data professionals within analytics and information management

Become a consultant in Deloitte Consulting’s Analytics and Information Management department, where you will work with and learn about business intelligence, data management, system integration, big data and advanced analytics.

What impact will you make?

Would you like to create an impact, while evolving in a dynamic and inclusive culture founded on cooperation, curiosity and high ambitions? If so, Deloitte is the place for you! We acknowledge and fulfil your potential and offer you a strong professional network, where you can unfold your interests and passions.       

Your team

You will join Deloitte Consulting as a consultant in the department of Analytics and Information Management (AIM). We are the leading data specialists in Denmark and advise companies on how they can unlock the full potential of their data. We work on a strategic, tactical, and operational level, improving our clients’ data processes and management.

We run a wide variety of projects within areas such as:

  • Extracting, transforming, and loading messy data into clean data models and data warehouses
  • Building front-end reports to gain insights
  • Advising companies on how to exploit data and become insight-driven organisations
  • Handling large quantities of structured and unstructured data
  • Developing machine learning and cognitive computing to find the deeper meaning in data
  • Employing robotics to automate processes in companies

When you join the AIM department as a consultant, you will be trained to work within one of these areas and develop into a full-fledged data professional during your career at Deloitte. Being part of AIM means being part of the most technologically advanced department in Deloitte, where projects require inventive thinking to create the most meaningful solutions and the largest impacts for our clients.

Your assignments

In AIM, you will have the opportunity to work and specialise in the areas that you find the most exciting. You will primarily work within one or a few of the project areas above and hone your skills in handling, using, and analysing data. As a newly employed consultant, you will start with an intensive period of internal training and education within the aforementioned areas. You will be introduced to the tools and methods that we use to deliver real value to our clients. Afterwards, you decide which areas you would like to focus on and continue your career within.

At Deloitte, we believe in leadership at all levels. Therefore, we foster a culture that encourages you to take the lead on your specific development level. We provide you with a mentoring program and a safe environment to foster knowledge. All consultants have a talent manager, who helps develop your talents and assists you in finding the right career path within our department. In addition, everybody in AIM is prepared to answer any questions you might have or point you in the right direction. We all pull together as a team to ensure we deliver the best results for our clients.

You will also have the opportunity to influence the daily life at Deloitte by assisting with internal projects, e.g. assisting managers with sales proposals, helping to recruit new talents or planning internal events within Deloitte. You can also spend any idle time on acquiring knowledge, building new skills, or creating proof of concepts to display to clients.

Your qualifications

You love data – the one thing that should define you is a profound interest in data, analytics, and information management. Our work revolves around utilising data to bring value to companies, and being passionate about this is necessary to keep your spirits up. A graduate degree within IT or related areas (e.g. an MSc in Engineering, Economics or Business Administration) is an advantage but not a requirement. Our employees have diverse backgrounds in areas such as physics, electrical engineering, and marketing. However, a sincere interest in data is vital.

You should have the courage to navigate unfamiliar roads. There is a steep learning curve in our field of work, and technologies change quickly, so we have to be agile and able to adapt. Great consultants are not only specialists in a small-defined area - they also know how to utilise a wide range of tools to handle issues optimally and meet the requirements of clients.

Flexibility is a keyword in Deloitte in many ways. Our working hours are not completely set in stone, allowing you to influence when you will work on different projects and assignments, if they do not conflict with each other. Travelling to clients and working at their office within the Copenhagen area is normal, and international projects are also within your reach if you are interested.

Cooperation and a good partnership with the client is key to complete a project successfully. As you will often be working at the client’s offices, you should not be averse to making first contact or delivering a convincing sales pitch. Moreover, you will likely have to balance different stakeholders and their interests. Therefore you should expect to often be in contact with a lot of different people and interests.

Impact that matters

We all aspire to fulfil our purpose – to make an impact that matters. Every single day. We measure our success in the quality, creativity, integrity and innovative in our solutions. Only the best is good enough. We do not just aspire to make solutions. We wish to create an impact that makes a positive and crucial difference for the people around us our clients and our society.

Contact and application

Send us your application, your CV and other relevant documents by following the link below. The deadline is 20 March 2018, Expected Start Date 1. september. We process applications and arrange interviews continually. Hence, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact Nadia Madsen at +45 27 60 32 66, if you have questions about the position. You can read more about Deloitte at and about our career opportunities at

Application deadline: 20/03/2018
Expected Start Date: 01/09/2018
Working hours: Full-time
Working days: Day
Location: Copenhagen
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